Welcome to Heart of Florida!






President: Donna Schaubert
VP Mary Jo Woodward
Secretary: Vickie Ellie
Treasure: Lisa Callahand
Directors: Mary Jo Woodward, Diane Clark, Barbra Jordan

Upcoming Events

It is almost the holidays!!

This Year the Heart of Florida Group decided to adopt the Salvation Community of Hope. it is a place for

homeless families. Most shelters acept adults but not families and so this is a safe place that helps to get the fmailies into project housing and also to help with day care so that the parents can work.

We did 90 stocking to cover all the children who are currently residing at the Community of Hope.

It really was a great feeling to help so many.


December we are going to have our annual business meeting and

christmas party

If you would like to join us for any of these meeting then contact

Donna Schaubert ( 813) 967-5689 or Mary Jo Woodward ( 863)  for
directions to where the meeting will be held.

We would love to have you all join us!

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